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What is Yunnan Baiyao?

Yunnan Baiyao was first developed in 1902 by a man named Qu Huanzhang from the Yunnan Province of China. He set out to explore this entire region of China and document its herbs. Yunnan has the largest diversity of plant life in China – and is host to more than 19,000 species of plants, including 60 percent of the plants used in traditional Chinese medicine.

Yunnan itself means "South of the Colorful Clouds” and the province is refered to as the birthplace of tea. The nearby Great Plateau of Tibet prevents monsoon winds from reaching the region and this traps moisture in the Yunnan province. It's believed to be the reason this alpine flora is so uniquely biodiverse.

Qu formulated the product using herbs from the region he found most practical and helpful. After it proved valuable as a blood-stopping agent treating wartime injuries, Yunnan Baiyao's popularity skyrocketed and it soon became a recognizable product across the world.

People first used Yunnan Baiyao for their own ailments – and now it can be used safely to prevent and control bleeding cancers in many dogs. For many vets, this is a popular choice because it can also be used safely in combination with other anti-cancer therapies.