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Your Guide to Yunnan Baiyao for Dogs

Your Guide to
Yunnan Baiyao for Dogs


Download our FREE guide to learn everything you need to know to use this science-backed natural remedy to improve—and even prolong—your pet's life.

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Does Yunnan Baiyao for Dogs Really Work?

After serving over 25,000 pets and their owners, we know the healing power of Yunnan Baiyao. But, we also know that many people feel confused about how this formula works, or nervous about trying a new herbal remedy. That's why we've created Your Guide to Yunnan Baiyao for Dogs.

This guide contains everything you need to know to determine if Yunnan Baiyao is right for your dog, and how to use it effectively so you and your dog can spend as much quality time together as possible.


"My dogs have suffered ear hematomas. Most recently we were at the vet to get his ear drained and he only got relief for 24 hrs before ear filled back up. The yunnan baiyao is helping reabsorb the hematoma. I wish I remembered this issue prior to wasting over $1000 in useless vet visits! It is an amazing product."

Elena Rippe

"I have seen at least an 80% decrease in the amount of blood due to my canine having a large cancerous tumor in her mouth. We continue to use it and wouldn’t be without it."

Michelle Miller

"This product was recommended by the Emergency Pet Hospital for my beloved Great Dane who was diagnosed with Hemangiosarcoma that had matastisized. It’s only been a few weeks that may stretch into a few months of quality of life that I’m grateful to have with her — so far so good."

Juliana Streeter

Science-Backed Benefits for Dogs


Whether your dog is undergoing cancer care, palliative care, or injury recovery, or you simply want to have a go-to natural remedy for emergencies, this formula can help.

  • Safe for most dogs with bleeding disorders or cancers (hemangiosarcoma)
  • Engages platelets to naturally stop bleeding
  • Promotes healing from wounds, injuries, or surgery
  • Alleviates pain, improves circulation, and boosts energy
  • May enhance the effects of other treatments and prolong life
    Improves overall quality of life
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How to Help Your Dog with Yunnan Baiyao

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Cherish your time together.

Rest easy and enjoy every moment, knowing your pet feels less pain and fewer symptoms.

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