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Strengthen Immunity (Qi Booster) - Cancer Support


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Qi Booster is a house blend of Chinese herbs formulated to help strengthen the body, boost energy levels, and speed recovery from illness. The two main herbs in this formula (Bai hua she she cao and Ban zhi lian) are commonly used in Chinese hospitals to address various cancers and hepatitis (in humans). The remaining herbs in this formula are intended to help support the immune system and more generally support and strengthen body systems/processes to help it in its fight against illness.

This product is safe for both animals and humans. Please see the Dosage Guidelines for detailed information on how to administer this tincture to your pet (based on body weight).

Do not use if pregnant.

Herbal Ingredients in Qi Booster:

Oldenlandia (Bai hua she she cao), Scute Barbata (Ban zhi lian), Tangerine peel (Chen pi), Angelica root (Dang gui), Astragalus root (Huang qi), Lindera root (Wu yao), American ginseng (Xi yang shen), Scrophularia (Xuan shen)

Dosage Guidelines for Liquid Extract:

Tincture: One dropper full equals 1/4 tsp.

under 30lbs: half dropper, 1-3x/day

30 - 60 lbs: one dropper, 1 - 3x/day

60 - 120lbs: 1.5 droppers, 1 -3x/day

over 120lbs: 2 droppers, 1-3x/day

General Note regarding proper dosing for pets: ideally, one varies dosage based on observation of your pet's pattern of symptoms over time. So, for example, if your old dog's fatigue/weakness seems really bad for a few days running, you may want to give him or her a little more of the liquid herbs for a couple of days and see if the animal responds positively. If, however, the situation has not improved by the end of a week of increased dosing, we highly advise seeing your vet!

One other note about dosage: this tincture is not a pharmaceutical drug, so doses do not have to be precise. For example, if you miss the mid-day dose, you can double up in the evening and you won't hurt your animal... or you could just not give the third dose at all. Herbs build up the body's strength slowly over time as they accumulate in your system. So the more you stick to it, the better!

Not for use with pregnant animals.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Deborah Feliciano
Qi Booster for cancer support

Amazing 👏 you guys help my fur baby be here longer than what they told me and I am so greatly grateful especially when I wake up and he looks at me is the best part of my morning thank you

Leigh Hill
Qi Booster and my dog Daphne

My Daphne was diagnosed with bladder cancer. No surgery could be done, only treatment. I went with the suggestions of her doctors, which kept her from getting worse, but then I spoke to my old homeopathic doctor back in California. He suggested Qi Booster. Seeing as how he's done miracles with other pets of mine in the past I tried it. Her current Drs are very impressed with how well she's been doing. I'm putting that on Qi Booster, as that is the only thing out of the suggested regiment.