Dissolve Mass (Stasis Breaker) - Tumor Support


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Use when tumors are present.

Dissolve Mass (Stasis Breaker) is a blend of Chinese herbs formulated to help dissipate nodules, palpable masses, and tumors. It does this through the use of herbs that strongly invigorate the circulation of blood, qi, and lymph through (and out of) the body.

This product is safe for both animals and humans. Please see the Dosage Guidelines for detailed information on how to administer this tincture to your pet (based on body weight).

Do not use during pregnancy. 

Herbal Ingredients in Stasis Breaker:

Oldenlandia (Bai hua she she cao), Jujube date (Da zao), Circuma Zedoaria (E zhu), Licorice root (Gan cao), Oyster shell (Mu li), Sparganium (San leng), Fritillaria thunbergii (Zhe bei mu) 

Dosage Guidelines for Liquid Extract:

Tincture: One dropper full equals 1/4 tsp.

under 30lbs: half dropper, 1-3x/day

30 - 60 lbs: one dropper, 1 - 3x/day

60 - 120lbs: 1.5 droppers, 1 -3x/day

over 120lbs: 2 droppers, 1-3x/day

General Note regarding proper dosing for pets: ideally, one varies dosage based on observation of your pet's pattern of symptoms over time. So, for example, if you notice that the fatty lump on your dog's body is growing, you may want to give them a little more of the liquid herbs for a couple of days and see if lump shrinks (or at least stops growing!). If, however, the situation has not improved by the end of a week of increased dosing, we advise discontinuing the increased dosing amounts and we also advise consulting with your vet about the situation

One other note about dosage: this tincture is not a pharmaceutical drug, so doses do not have to be precise. For example, if you miss the mid-day dose, you can double up in the evening and you won't hurt your animal... or you could just not give the third dose at all. Herbs build up the body's strength slowly over time as they accumulate in your system. So the more you stick to it, the better!

Not for use with pregnant animals.

Customer Reviews

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Amber Hartley

I believe this is a great product. Am I seeing a difference in my Boxer’s tumors…no not yet. She’s been on the Dissolve Mass for 4 weeks.